The Flash Season 3 Episode 16

The Flash is the 2014 american tv series which is based on the comics ‘the flash’ and Arrowverse Produced By DC comics and shows in channel CW every tuesday.

Plot : Season 3 – After Zoom Kills barry father and finally defeating zoom he was in the tragedy for loosing his mom and now his father. He decides to Travel Back In Time and save his Mothers’ life and could happily live with his family. He travels back in time and stops reverse flash from killing his mother Doing So He Created a Alternate Reailty Name Called “FlashPoint” where wally is kid flash , Cisco’s brother is dead , Caitlin Got Cold Power like of killer frost. And He brought New threat to his world Name Called ‘Dr.Alchemy’ And another Evil Speedsters called himself God Of Motion (Savitar).

Imdb : 8.1/10

Rotten Tomatoes – 94% – 7.9/10

Quality – 480p

Starring – Grant Gustin 

                 – Candice Patton

                 – Danile PanaBaker

                 – Carlos Vlades

                 – Tom Cavanagh

                 -Tom Felton

Download The Flash Season 3 [Episode 16]

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