Back To The Future (1986)


Back to the future is a 1986’s science fiction movie based on time travel. A scientist name called Doc friend of Marty Mcfly made a time travel machine fitted in a car. In escaping from terrorist Marty Sent to the Year 1956 from 1986.

Plot : Marty Mcfly had a scientist friend name Doc. Doc made a time machine fitted in car . By using plutonium stoled from a terrorist group and the terrorist found him while testing time machine marty records the video. Terrorists kills doc and while escaping terrorist marty flung back in the year 1956 from 1986 . He meets there doc 30 years back he told him that he is from future from the machine he made but doc dont trust him. After explaning more doc trust him and he says dont tell anyone about you except me  because there will be consequences in future by messing with time. But a days ago he interrogate with his father and mother which trys to delete his very existence.. And after fixing events all things gone fine and he return to the future 1986.

Imdb : 8.5/10

Rotten Tomatoes : 85%

Year :1986

Genere : BluRay

Cast : Michael j. Fox

Running Time : 1hr 30min

Quality : 720p

Size : 750Mb

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