March 13, 2017

Dear ABC,
I became extremely happy the moment I knew that you are interested to learn Nepalese language. My experience I think, will be very much useful regarding learning a foreign language i.e. Nepali.

Actually,  I faced some problems the moment I had to learn English language as my foreign language. Firstly, it was very tough for me to utter exact pronunciation as the native speakers do. Another thing I got must difficult was getting meaning in a particular context. Some words might have different meanings in changing contexts.  We might misuse or wrong use the word if we structures remained me as other difficulties while learning this. They were different from as we do in learning Nepali Language.

Still, I became successful in learning, English as my second language. The first thing I did was that I involved in various situations and listened to  the people how to ulter the words and how to generate the structures. Moreover, I bought some special books that have enough grammer and readable matters. Again, I often didn’t miss TV channels, Newspaper, Magazines that were in English medium. I generated passion for learning English language.  So, by and by I became successful to achieve my goal.

Overall, I would like to encourage you that you will also learn Nepali Language with few creative steps and some efforts.

This much for now. I will add in upcoming letter if there is anything new.


*Oh Jesus !! Did you missed how a business firms works..? 😱

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