Dhulikhel Hospital Hair Transplants Program.

Do you need a successful answer for male pattern baldness issues? What sort of environment is fundamental for hair transplantation? 

This is the problem that face many people. There are and have been many product that have be developed to fight this hair loss but they have not been able to stand up to the test of nature and getting old or older. Science has all but cured this disease in recent times with their recent discovery of hair transplant procedures. This is a dream come true for many people that have been suffering from the hair loss pandemic.

Hair transplantation has a considerable measure of points of interest over other male pattern baldness medicines. Now, it’s a great news now no more bladnes here. Good to hear that even in Nepal people can get rid from their baldness. In my local area people are using “Garg Advance hair transplant clinic” which also have advanced hair transplant technology also wins MOST PROMISING HAIR TRANSPLANT CENTRE IN PUNJAB in International Healthcare Award. 
Though extremely common, hair loss is a horrifying disorder. It can sabotage a person’s confidence and aggravate feelings of depression. About 40 percent of women and 70 percent of men go through some degree of hair loss or hair thinning as they age.
Although several treatments and products presently exist to fight back against this issue, but all of them do not work well when trying to boost hair growth. However, scientists have found new ways to grow hair that may lead to better treatments for hair loss. Hair transplantation is a permanent and effective solution for both women and men who suffer from untimely hair loss. While treatments are available, patients are looking forward to a scientific breakthrough in hair transplant 2016 that will ultimately herald a permanent end to hair loss.

 Luckily, there have been a plethora of scientific developments in this field recently, and these innovations can certainly cure the problem in the coming years.
Considering the pervasiveness of baldness, the department claimed that it has fixed affordable price for the service. For transplanting a strand of hair, it costs Rs 60, compared to Rs 200 for the same in India. In addition to the lower price, the department says receiving the treatment at its facility provides the patient the opportunity for post consultations, if needed.
Dhulikhel Hospital is one of the best facility giving hospital in Nepal, which lies in Dhulikhel Municipality, headquarter of the Karve district.

Dhulikhel Hospital is an independent not for profit, non-government institutions which was supported by the Dhulikhel community. DIRECT CONTACT TO HOSPITAL
Kathmandu, Nepal
P.O. Box No. : 11008
📩 dhos@mail.com.np

📞977 11 490497📞977 11 490707

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