Strawberry Wine

Strawberry farming is a new phenomenon in Nepal. JAICA, a Japanese development agency in Nepal has massively promoted strawberry farming in Nepal. The japanese project is centered on Kakani ni Nuwakot district of Nepal. KAKANI is about 25km away from Kathmandu, Capital city of Nepal. JAICA has also trained local farmers to produce jam, jelly, and wine from strawberry.  Many people visiting Kakani for weekend picincs and outlings have tasted the strawberry products and appreciated the products. The homemade wine is currently sold in used water botttles at a price from Rs. 100 to Rs.150 per bottle.
Kathmandu currently has become a big wine consuming market. The major consumers are middle-class and upper-middle-class females who often consume wine during social gatherings. The major sources of mine imports in Nepal and Australia, France, & Spain. Hingwa, a wine made out of Raspberry produced in Sankhuwasabha district of Nepal has already establishedits market in Kathmandu. The product is available in most of the departmental stores and wine stores at a price of Rs. 300 per bottle.

Amex Trading Company, based in Kathmandu wants to promote the strawberry wine in Kathmandu. He wants to put a brand name and sell the product in appropriate packaging.

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