“Sana Hastakala” which means “small handicraft” was established in 1989 as a retail shop with the financial and technical assistance of UNICEF. A year later, the nonprofit organization was a self-sufficient marketing and exports agency, seeking to perserve the rich culture and crafts of Nepalese artisans. Based in Kathmandu, Sana Hastakala ensures fair wages and provides training, design assistance, interest-free loans, and marketing support to more than 100 family businesses, co-ops & businesses across Nepal.

Sana HASTAKALA has since expanded its connections with producer’s in rural areas, often working through international and local non-governmental organizations. They carry products from 20  different craft catagoreis and represent approximately 1000 arisans, most of them uneducated, also benefit from a community development fund, which enables groups to improve their equipment and have acess to a welfare fund in times of hardship. Sana Hastakala operated two specious retail outlets in Kathmandu Valley. The organization is a founding member of Fair Trade Group Nepal (FTGN), which began in 1993 and is a full member of the World Fair Trade Organization  (WFTO) since 2003.

Discussion Issues

  1. What kind of marketing is Sana Hastakala practicing?
  2. Do you think such efforts are beneficial to the Nepalese societ ?

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