Alternative Herbal Products (P) Ltd. (AHP) is a value driven, high-quality herbal/agro products processing and tranding company owned by a consortium of community based enterprises in Nepal.  AHP aims to achieve commercial sucess by meeting customer’s needs through the provision of high quality, good value organic certified herbal/agro products with competent, reliable and responsive service.

Community based trade is a fundamental part of the way AHP does business. The company source most of the ingredients for its products from primary producers and their groups in Nepal.

There is provison that the primary producer groups who have trading relatuonship with AHP, is provided fair price that covers production, wages and also enables an investment in the community and the future as far as the primary producers are concerned. AHP is supported by its socail partner in making sure that the steps AHP taking is fair enough in compensating primary producer’s and harvest doesn’t cause overexploitation of the resources. Itsraw materials sourcing catchments increases according  to the expansion of the working areas of its socail partner. On top of the fair payment, 50% of the profit goes to its social partners in enabling those to assist the communities make land-based resources productive and sustainable while helping them to enhance their analytical capability, get themselves organized and to be critically aware of their situation, i.e. AHP respect communities rights to control their resources and lives.

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