“Marketing is a socail and business process”. Justify this statement with examples.

Ans👉 Marketing orientation is a philosophy of business being marketing product shall be the center of the whole process of marketing . It is a social approach to marketing where organization objectives are established with the sole aim of producing and selling what the customer wants, in the way he wants, and price he is willing to pay. This means that the entire activities must be directed and controlled towards consumer’s satisfaction.

Production is of no uses unless it can be sold profitable. The marketing concept assumes that “consumer is king” who controls the business. Thus, instead of being product oriented, it is advised to be tou should be customer oriented. Philip Kotler describes the marketing concept as “a management orientation that holds that the key task of the organization  is to determine the needs and wants to target markets and to adapt the organization to delivery the desired satisfactions more effectively and efficiently than its competitocompetitors”.

In short, the marketing concepts says “find wants and fill them” rather than create product and sell them”. This concept assumption is:

  • It is customers oriented.
  • Organization earns profit through customer satisfaction.
  • It believes on integrated marketing.

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